Practical Demonstrations

UK Dairy Day 2018 featured practical demonstrations as follows;

  • Foot Trimming, Blocking & Knife Sharpening
  • 'Beneath the Black and White' Calf Painting
  • Type Classification
  • Linear Scoring

Foot Trimming, Blocking & Knife Sharpening

The external area featured practical demonstrations on foot trimming, blocking and knife sharpening undertaken by a qualified team of independent foot trimmers namely Tim Carter, David Rowe and Ema Glaze all with a number of years’ experience under their belts.

The team know the key to the success of any task is having the right tools for the job, which was demonstrated on dairy cows during the day. The practical demonstrations were streamed to a large TV screen with commentary so visitors could see first-hand the detail of the trimming, blocking and knife sharpening.

'Beneath the Black and White' Calf Painting Demonstration

Scarsdale Vets returned with their innovative and engaging demonstration using paint to visualise and understand the cow and calf anatomy.

Throughout the day the ‘Beneath the Black and White’ cow and calf painting and calving demonstrations using ropes with a model calf. Carolyn Baguley and her team from Scarsdale Vets used paint to assist the understanding of calf health and welfare and showcased a heavily pregnant uterus to demonstrate calving abnormalities.

NBDC Breed Village

The NBDC breed village featured practical demonstrations and trade stands for breed societies. During the day members of the NBDC Classification team focused on  Ayrshire, Jersey and Holstein breed at each session to provide the audience with an opportunity to learn more about the services offered to dairy farmers.

Each demonstration covered Type Classification and Linear Scoring. In conjunction with the Linear Scoring demonstration, a Virtual Cow demonstration ran on a TV screen. VirtualA virtual Cow is an educational tool which graphically illustrates the linear scale for cow conformation traits. This allows for improved understanding of dairy cow conformation and easy visualisation of anatomical differences within each trait across the linear scale.

'Beneath the Black and White' Calf Painting Demonstration Sponsor

Scarsdale Vets provides exceptional veterinary care to farm animals, horses and pets. We pride ourselves on providing great customer service to you and top quality care to your animals.  Our farm and equine practice is based in Derby, with twelve dedicated farm vets covering the East Midlands.

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