Calf Rearing Zone

The calf rearing zone, sponsored by Volac, covered all aspects of calf rearing from health to feeding to the environment in which they are reared. 

The area featured practical demonstrations throughout the day and businesses promoting products and services relevant to calf rearing. The calf rearing zone was covered by a calf house sponsored and supplied by Northern Polytunnels Ltd.

Exhibitors in this zone were:

Calf Rearing Demonstrations

  • 'Beneath the Black White' calf and cow painting
  • Calving demonstration with ropes
  • Calf rearing hygiene
  • Colostrum management
  • Feed For Growth (FFG) programme.

Volac Feed for Growth (FFG) Programme

The first 3 months are fundamental when determining a new-born calf’s adult performance – a critical point which is all too often overlooked. That’s why Volac has created the Feed For Growth (FFG) programme. Volac representatives provided insight and advice on how this programme can help your calf rearing system. 'For more information please visit That’s why Volac has created the Feed For Growth (FFG) programme.

Calf Rearing Zone Sponsor - Volac

Volac manufactures high-quality milk replacers and colostrum alternatives, bypass fat products such as Megalac & silage inoculants.

01223 208021

Calf Rearing Zone Polytunnel Sponsor

Manufacturer and supplier of low-cost livestock housing. The polytunnel livestock houses are widely used for sheep, cattle & poultry. Full construction service available. Visit the outside Calf Rearing Area to see the calf housing.

'Beneath the Black and White' Calf Painting Demonstration Sponsor

Scarsdale Vets provides exceptional veterinary care to farm animals, horses and pets. We pride ourselves on providing great customer service to you and top quality care to your animals.  Our farm and equine practice is based in Derby, with twelve dedicated farm vets covering the East Midlands.

Sharing Knowledge Partner

Farmers Guardian is agriculture’s national weekly newspaper covering all sectors of the industry and all regions on the U.K.

For further information on the Calf Rearing Zone please contact the UK Dairy Day team by email or call 01923 695225.